Monday, December 23, 2019


Assalamualaikum Secara tiba-tiba teringat akan kewujudan blog ini. Last update back in 2015, punyalah lama hoi... Itu pun post 2015 tu I dah delete sebab not food related... So...last post was from 2013.. Pengsan! And due to aktif berFacebook... Blog ditinggalkan begitu sahaja. Tapi hari ni I berazam nak aktifkan semula blog nie Due to my eternal love to MAKANAN! So, tunggu yer... I WILL BE BACK... VERY VERY SOON Much Love XXX

Thursday, January 31, 2013


Just wake up from a veryyyyyy long hibernating...!!! What for lunch ??

Haha... there were a lot of nice (and bad foods) I tried during my hibernating period... but let me start with a new family member of Mamee... named Mamee Chef !!!

Mamee Chef Creamy Tom Yam Flavour - the only flavour you can get so far... I believe many flavours will come out later...

The advertisement on tele started months back with Chef Ismail buat mee tu...and I saw it in the nearby mini market last month but before I managed to grab one, they were sold out! Until finally I grabbed it and tasted it... :)

First thing you guys need to know is ~ I am not an instant noodle lover. I eat when I feel like really-really crave for it, when there's nothing left to eat or I am extremely hungry and instant noodle is the only option to kill my hungry pangs. Before I write down my review, let see what we have in a packet!

First and foremost, of course la the noodle kan :) Unlike most of the instant noodles that rectangular in shape, Mamee Chef noodle comes in round shape. It looks a bit kasar compared to the size of normal instant noodle.

And these are the spices powder, tomyam paste and the dried 'accessories' which is consist of dried vegetables (cabbage parhaps? me not sure), dried prawns, dried lime leaves and dried cili api.

Do I have to tell you guys how to cook Mamee Chef? I don't think so... :) But according to the cooking instruction, the best amount of water to cook one packet of Mamee Chef is 400ml. I follow exactly as per instruction...and I cooked using saucepan and gas hob because I am not a fan of maggi-rendam.

First time trial and without adding any single 'alien' to my bowl of instant noodle, here is the outcome:
TADAAAAAAA....!!! THIS IS MY FIRST BOWL OF MAMEE CHEF CREAMY TOM YAM !!! yeah yeah yeah... it's creamy, tasty and yummy... even for a non-instant noodle lover like me !!!!

At a price of RM5.70 per packet of 4+1 (they claimed it is promotional buy 4 free 1 for limited time), I think that is reasonable enough. The price may vary according to the shop you go... so what are you waiting for... try-larr...!!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Sounds funny eh? That's what I feel and it took me more than a day to remember the name correctly. Or else, I need to refer back to the recipt to remind me of the name. hehehe... well, I don't have to travel to Korea for this food... it's just 10-minutes away from Springsville... here in Johor Premium Outlet.

Johor Premium Outlet - the pride of Johor :)

Ok..let's move back to Bee Beem Bab. I googled the word but this meal is more famous spelled as Bibimbap. Agaknya Bee Beem Bab tu nampak glemer sketla kot..huhu..whatevaaaa...!!! I really want to know what does it means. See what I found @ Wikipedia:

Bibimbap (Korean pronunciation: [pibimbap][1]) is a signature Korean dish. The word literally means "mixed meal." Bibimbap is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with namul (sautéed and seasoned vegetables) and gochujang (chili pepper paste). A raw or fried egg and sliced meat (usually beef) are common additions. The ingredients are stirred together thoroughly just before eating.[2] It can be served either cold or hot.
In Korea, JeonjuJinju, and Tongyeong are especially famous for their versions of bibimbap.[3] It is listed at number 40 on World's 50 most delicious foods readers' poll compiled by CNN Go in 2011.[4]
Bibimbap is first mentioned in the Siuijeonseo, an anonymous cookbook from the late 19th century.[5][6] There its name is given as 부븸밥 (bubuimbap).[7] In Korean households, bibimbap is frequently prepared from steamed rice, vegetables, and meat.
Since the late 20th century bibimbap has become widespread in different countries, due to its convenience of preparation. It is also served on many airlines connecting to South Korea and foreign airlines such as Lufthansa.


Vegetables commonly used in bibimbap include julienned cucumberzucchinimu (daikon), mushroomsdoraji (bellflower root), and gim, as well as spinachsoybean sprouts, and gosari (bracken fern stems). Dubu (tofu), either plain or sautéed, or a leaf of lettuce may be added, orchicken or seafood may be substituted for beef.[2] For visual appeal, the vegetables are often placed so that adjacent colors complement each other.


The city of Jeonju, the capital of the North Jeolla Province of South Korea,[2] is famous throughout the nation for its version of bibimbap,[8] said to be based on a royal court dish of the Joseon Dynasty.[3]A variation of this dish, dolsot bibimbap (돌솥 비빔밥, "dolsot" meaning "stone pot"), is served in a very hot stone bowl in which a raw egg is cooked against the sides of the bowl. The bowl is so hot that anything that touches it sizzles for minutes. Before the rice is placed in the bowl, the bottom of the bowl is coated with sesame oil, making the layer of the rice touching the bowl golden brown and crisp.
A further variation of bibimbap, called hoedeopbap uses a variety of raw seafood, such as tilapia,salmontuna or sometimes octopus but each bowl of rice usually contain one kind of meat. The term hoe in the word means raw fish. The dish is popular along the coasts of Korea where fish are abundant.[citation needed]

Dolsot Bee Beem Bab really sounds a bit funny to me... at first I thought the word 'Dolsot' is a brand..or the name of that shop until I realised it is actually means stone pot in English. For the first is a thumb up! I found this dish is refreshing because of the vegetables... don't eat it if you can't take bean sprout or green leafy vegetable. But what really appeals me was the seaweed and the sauce...or according to Wikipedia... 'chilli pepper paste' .. sedap okey.. taste slightly nutty and I do lovin' reminds me to my husband's birthday lunch at Seoul Garden, JB...they have a similar sauce.. yummeh!

Ok..this is how DBBB from JPO looks comes together with clear soup with a bit of seaweed inside
It will take sometimes to cool down the temperature until you actually can eat it...because the Dolsot really makes the Bibimbap remains hot... I ate the meal against advice from what I googled...instead of mixed everything and eat which for me is more like jadi mcm makanan kucing vegetarian...I had it my way...cara aku makan nasi berlauk..lauk kt tepi..amik sikit..letak dgn nasi dan is more proper and kemas..that's me..:)

Anyway, if you are food adventurous... if you love trying something new... if you love vegetables... if you love hot meal... ouh pls try this... aku rasa tak gemuk bila mkn nie sebab the taste is light... and aku suke... harga pun  xdela buat aku terkejut walaupun ianya adalah di Johor Premium Outlet... this meal costs RM13.90. No tax and no service charge yer... :)

Friday, November 25, 2011


Ever heard about Tutti Frutti? I think TF is already common in Klang Valley area, but for us in JB... not so common la kot... I mean.. JB still boleh dikatakan common but not as common as Cool Blog.. got me? Being heard about the story of TF for so long..ada yg kata besh..ada yg kata so-so... I was waiting patiently for a branch to be opened near by where I can easily access. And tadaaaaa... in September 2011 (ye ker?), one new branch has officially launched in Setia Tropika. Yeay! I can easily go to the TF during lunch hour... but, heard also from my friends (and from bloghopping as well) that the price is kinda unreasonable. Really? That's for me to find out. My friend, Diana already advice ('warned') me... 'first time pergi, jgn amik banyak2 kang terkejut tgk harga'..wakakaka... keeping that in my head... I went for my first visit to TF Setia Tropika ;-)

I decided to try on one hot lunch hour..memandangkan tak kick makan benda2 frozen masa hujan... yeah, it's raining season now... maka bertemankan JFV298, I went for my TF mission :)

Sejuk mata memandang, aku keluar awal..sebelum org2 opis len keluar (my lunch hour starts at 12pm anyway).. so only 3-4 small group of people were there... this is because I already drove pass through TF Setia Tropika a few times after 12.30pm.. ramai juga org dlm x bestla kan... apatah lg time org dah gaji nie..huhu... TF nie kemas dan bersih jek..dan sejuk..sangat selesa utk chill-chill especially pada waktu tengahari yg panas membara ini...

Step by Step for Dummies...hehe...
Mengikut pembacaan dan pengalaman kwn2, there are wide variety of FroYo offered by TF. I am not sure how they scheduled the flavours, I guess maybe I will figure out with the staff during my next visit ;) There are 3 different sizes of the cups. I go for the smallest one (remember what Diana said...ngehehehehe...) Smallest2 pun for me it's quite big also.. Then I queued at the FroYo station... memilih2 what flavour yg terbaik untuk hari tu... I am not in the Frutti mode.. so, tak nak la Mango ke.. apa ker.. I saw Taro-ble something.. which is Keladi... Death By Chocolate (I am not so into chocolate ice cream or yogurt)... hhhmm... in total there are 6 different flavours yg aku sendirik x ingat the name except what I choosed for myself: Vanilla & Royal Red Velvet.... weeeeiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee....!!!!

Warna-warni ceria Tutti Fruitti Setia Tropika (semua TF ceria ok!)... that's FroYo dispenser
Aku sangattt tak berani nak tibai banyak2... satu sebab nasihat Diana... (wakakakaka)..another thing.. aku takut tak terabis nanti..dahla bwk motor.. mcmana nak tapau..kalau naik kereta tu boleh gak jadi driving partner aku... so cukuplah portion aku sebesar ini:

Nyum nyum nyum...!!! Royal Red Velvet di bawah... Vanilla di atas... for toppings, aku letak jelly2 sket and oreo... oreo is my all time favourite.. cannot be missed...!!! Aku rasa aku patut letak chocolate sauce tapi ada ke td kt kaunter? Tak perasan... hehehe... (take note for next visit, lady!)

Tak nampak Red Velvet yer.. haaa..nie clear sikit kot! I snapped using C3..not iPhone or DSLR..but trust me, better than Blackberry...ngehehe... 

Sedap... cooling... chilling... tapi, personal opinion aku - I prefer McDonalds McFlurry & McDonald Sundae... I think maybe because of the texture... sebab ini yogurt yg difrozenkan while McFlurry and Sundae adalah Ice Cream

Lupa nak share...what can we have for the topping - aku dapat via Google Image:

Macam2 ada.. choose what you like! Remember sugar and calorie control yer adik2... :D

Last but not least... My first visit costs me RM10.05 for 185g ... oke la tu kan... I will definitely be there again very soon... nak try flavour lain plak... :-)

Friday, November 18, 2011


Hi Blog ~
It has been quite sometimes since me last updating my blog...huhu... freaking busy with the newly launched campaign 8/2011 Tupperware Brands Malaysia... with so much things to be done at work and at home... but today.. since it is Friday and Friday means malas and hu-ha-hu-ha day for me...I take the opportunity to continue my review :-)
photo courtesy from Google
Located in Taman Impian Senai, you can easily find this restaurant because it is located just in front of the main road. I never thought this is a Malay-owned kopitiam since it looks more or less like an apek's style shop until one of my dear friend introduced it to me... my first visit was back in September (I think...can't remember..for dinner with family) but since I was too busy with the kiddoz... I don't have much time to really taste the food... so, during my second visit 'all-alone'...I finally ready for the review :-)

No doubt, a good effort for a Malay to do such a nice Kopitiam... especially at the right place, near housing and manufacturing areas where people consistently looking around for a place to have their brekkie, lunch and dinner... Cawan opens from 7.30am till nite (not sure what time..). Tell you what... the customers constantly in and out of the shop. Ouh... I was there during lunch hour and it was almost full with customers (I can see from Kaw. Perindustrian Senai Panasonic, etc...).. surely they are having a real good business. Anyway, Cawan has branches in other areas using the name of Mak Tok; one in Bandar Putra (near my house) and another one in Setia Tropika (near KDN). Not sure if they have more than that...

Counter - all workers were busy during lunch time
This time round, I had a glass of Air Sirap Bandung Soda and Seafood Udon Noodle. I was a big fan of Udon..thanks to Cititel MidValley that served a supernice Blackpepper Udon to me many years before..huhu... actually I already tried Cawan's Blackpepper Udon on my first visit but frankly - it wasn't that nice as expected. That's why I twisted a bit and tried the seafood's one...see how...

Sirap Bandung Soda sampai dulu :) Memang sangat sedap... just nice for my taste buds... because it contains the right amount of syrup, milk, sugar, soda and ice... I have to say it perfect for me..because I x suke manis2 melampaui batas nie...

Tadaaaa.. after 5-10 minutes wait, my Seafood Fried Udon arrived! I can tolerate the time since the shop was 3/4 full! Yummeh kan...served on Ikea-made shining white plate with clean presentation... :) Definitely x dapat tewaskan presentation KFCH International College lar...

Taste-wise... err.. err.. err.. unfortunately, it didn't reach my expectation :( Well, my expectation is not that sky high but their Fried Udon is a biasa-biasa only...mcm mee goreng kt kedai2 biasa2 tu jek... which is not worth the price of RM6.50. Too bad, kan? Some more, by carrying the name of SEAFOOD FRIED UDON... I was expecting like 2-3 pieces of medium sized prawn, squid, fish fillet cut into cubes or at least fishcake, fshball and crabstick... but awww... what I got was one small prawn, one squid...itu je kot... huhuhu :( seafood kah..??

Well, overall ratings - I can give 2.5 /5 je la kot.. after 2 visits. Nak kata tak sedap tu tidaklah... ok jek..some more di tanggung Halal kan.. but it well below my to the price...nak kata takkan dtg lagi tu tidakla..but maybe sometimes.. kadang2.. I hope they can improve.. because business-wise.. they have a lot of potential... improve their recipe.. serves more selection and make sure they have a good customer service. Wish you luck guys... me looking forward for a better Cawan Kopitiam in the near future!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Huhu..suddenly I become obsessed with MasterChef Malaysia. FYI, I have never followed any of the MasterChef on TV before until I finally watched MasterChef Malaysia , well.. I am Malaysian right? So since I didn't watch any of the MasterChef... at least I don't feel tired and bored because I can't do any comparison... anyway, so far so good... leave behind the drama queen, telur puyuh jam strawberry and those stupid things... I am more interested to learn how to cook in a better way and discover new recipes bla bla bla... :)

So, starting from today, for my reference only... I am going to copy paste recipes from the official website. I hope they don't mind..because eventually, I will spend more time in my blog than Astro website... I hope some days I will have the opportunity to try all the recipes they shared in the website.

Let me begins with Rendang Beef Wellington. This dish is very appealing, especially musim Raya Qurban nie kan..stock daging banyak dalam ingat nanti bebila nak try... this recipe adalah hasil creativity Chef Norman yang sangat mengujakan kerana dia ada sebuah restaurant di Manchester! Wow..!! i wish i was there..dulu masa aku kat sana..paling2 ada was Penang Village jek... (actually ada aku kisah nak makan masakan Melayu masa kt UK? I enjoyed western more...hehehehe)...

Here is the recipe :-)

gambar saja sudah buat air liurku merembes...huhuhu
  • Daging Batang Pinang - 500gm
  • Cendawan Butang - 250gm
  • Bayam (berdaun besar, buang batang) - 100gm
  • Puff pastry - saiz 350mm x 250mm
  • Telur Kuning - 2 biji
  • Serbuk cili paprika sebagai hiasan
  • Krim Pekat - 300ml
  • Lada Hitam (ditumbuk halus) - 1 sudu besar
  • Air - 100ml
  • Cendawan Shitake (direndam dalam air panas supaya jadi lembut dan dihiris halus) - 10 biji
  • Pes Rendang - 2 sudu
  • Garam - ½ sudu
  • Serai - 2 batang
  • Bawang Kecil - 4biji
  • Bawang Putih - 2 ulas
  • Lengkuas - ½ inci
  • Cili Kering (direndam dalam air panas) - 10 tangkai
  • Daging (dipotong nipis) - 250g
  • Minyak Masak - 4 sudu besar
  • Garam - 1 sudu kecil
  • Gula - ½ sudu besar
  • Santan Pekat - 100ml
  • Kerisik - 2 sudu besar
  • Daun Limau Purut - 4 helai
  • Daun Kunyit (dihiris halus) - 1 sudu besar
    CARA-CARA PENYEDIAAN KIEV AYAM (aku rasa mcm typo nie..ayam ke?) :
  • Untuk Pes Rendang, tumis bahan – bahan yang telah dikisar dengan empat (4) sudu minyak masak.
  • Goreng hingga naik minyak dan masukkan daging, gula, santan, & garam. Masak dengan api yang perlahan sehingga kering.
  • Masukkan kerisik, daun limau purut dan daun kunyit. Tutup api dan keluarkan daging dari rendang. Sejukkan pes rendang.
  • Cincang cendawan halus halus atau masukkan dalam Pengisar Makanan (food processor). Gorengkan ia tanpa minyak, dan goreng hingga kering.
  • Celurkan daun bayam dengan air panas hingga sedikit layu dan keringkan.
  • Hiris daging dari seketul menjadi seketul menjadi sekeping daging. Sapukan pes rendang dan gulung kepingan daging tersebut seperti ‘swiss roll’.
  • Ikat dengan tali supaya bila digoreng, daging yang digulung itu tidak akan terbuka.
  • Goreng selama 5 minit hingga jus daging keluar.
  • Dengan menggunakan ‘cling film’, susun daun bayam yang telah dikeringkan dan taborkan cendawan yang telah digoreng. Kemudian letakkan daging yang telah digoreng(pastikan tali yang digunakan dibuang)
  • Balutkan dengan lapisan cendawan dan bayam dengan menggunakan ‘cling film’. Perap dalam peti sejuk untuk seketika.
  • Tebarkan puff pastry dan sapu kuning telur. Letak daging yang telah diperap bersama bayam dan cendawan. Gulungkan puff pastry dengan kejap.
  • Kelar bahagian atas pastri dan sapu kuning telur. Taburkan garam dan lada hitam.
  • Bakar dalam ketuhar dengan suhu 200 C selama 15 hingga 20 minit.
  • Sediakan sos dengan menggorengkan cendawan hingga kering. Masukkan krim, pes rendang, air, dan jus daging berlebihan. Masukkan lada hitam dan garam. Masak hingga mendidih.
  • Keluarkan daging setelah masak dan hiris setebal 1 inci dan hidangkan bersama sos yang telah dimasak. Taburkan serbuk cili paprika sebagai hiasan.

Note: The recipe was copied directly from the official, I don't bear any responsibility kalu tersalah quantity or measurement..huhu...


Sunday 6-11-11, my husband brought back home 1kg of Udang Galah from his hometown.'s not easy or cheap to get those big prawns... it costs him RM30! But sesekali, why not kan...??? FYI, we are prawn lovers... from hubs, me, Anis, Eiman and even Arissa! The first recipe came across my mind was Udang Masak Lemak Cili Api.. but some potatoes and tomatoes will do wonder! But for a quick additional side dish for our dinner on Monday, hubs came up with the idea of Udang Goreng Kunyit... yeah! Simple but always a big hit. Warning - make sure double up the quantity since Udang Goreng Kunyit bukan sahaja enak sebagai lauk, but sebagai ratah-ratah...hehe :)

Udang Goreng Kunyit serves on Tupperware Plate
Simple-dimple recipe:
Udang Galah - quantity depend on how tempted you are to those prawwwnnssss
Kunyit Hidup - kunyit serbuk is a big NO. Tell u, mmg x sedap jadinya.. 
Coarse Salt

- Clean the prawns
- Unskinned the turmeric, chopped and tumbuk hingga halus... add the coarse salt (sikit je tau..sebab masin nanti!) and tumbuk lagi hingga sebati
- Mixed and marinate the prawns for 10-20 minutes... deep fry in hot cooking oil until cooked and crispy. Serve with hot steaming rice :-)

Why we MUST use fresh turmeric?
- to retain the natural flavour and to make the prawn crispy and crunchy..tak percaya... cuba try..kalau pakai kunyit serbuk, udang itu jadi lembik x sedap.

I cooked the same Udang Kunyit last night by kids' request. But this time me substitute the udang galah with medium-sized prawn yg banyak dlm peti ais (prawn lovers kan..hahaha)... masak banyak2 sampai siap bawak bekal gi opis hari nie (kids sambung meratah as breakfast pagi tadi oke...) hehehe....

My Tapau Today :p