Thursday, January 31, 2013


Just wake up from a veryyyyyy long hibernating...!!! What for lunch ??

Haha... there were a lot of nice (and bad foods) I tried during my hibernating period... but let me start with a new family member of Mamee... named Mamee Chef !!!

Mamee Chef Creamy Tom Yam Flavour - the only flavour you can get so far... I believe many flavours will come out later...

The advertisement on tele started months back with Chef Ismail buat mee tu...and I saw it in the nearby mini market last month but before I managed to grab one, they were sold out! Until finally I grabbed it and tasted it... :)

First thing you guys need to know is ~ I am not an instant noodle lover. I eat when I feel like really-really crave for it, when there's nothing left to eat or I am extremely hungry and instant noodle is the only option to kill my hungry pangs. Before I write down my review, let see what we have in a packet!

First and foremost, of course la the noodle kan :) Unlike most of the instant noodles that rectangular in shape, Mamee Chef noodle comes in round shape. It looks a bit kasar compared to the size of normal instant noodle.

And these are the spices powder, tomyam paste and the dried 'accessories' which is consist of dried vegetables (cabbage parhaps? me not sure), dried prawns, dried lime leaves and dried cili api.

Do I have to tell you guys how to cook Mamee Chef? I don't think so... :) But according to the cooking instruction, the best amount of water to cook one packet of Mamee Chef is 400ml. I follow exactly as per instruction...and I cooked using saucepan and gas hob because I am not a fan of maggi-rendam.

First time trial and without adding any single 'alien' to my bowl of instant noodle, here is the outcome:
TADAAAAAAA....!!! THIS IS MY FIRST BOWL OF MAMEE CHEF CREAMY TOM YAM !!! yeah yeah yeah... it's creamy, tasty and yummy... even for a non-instant noodle lover like me !!!!

At a price of RM5.70 per packet of 4+1 (they claimed it is promotional buy 4 free 1 for limited time), I think that is reasonable enough. The price may vary according to the shop you go... so what are you waiting for... try-larr...!!!!

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