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It has been quite sometimes since me last updating my blog...huhu... freaking busy with the newly launched campaign 8/2011 Tupperware Brands Malaysia... with so much things to be done at work and at home... but today.. since it is Friday and Friday means malas and hu-ha-hu-ha day for me...I take the opportunity to continue my review :-)
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Located in Taman Impian Senai, you can easily find this restaurant because it is located just in front of the main road. I never thought this is a Malay-owned kopitiam since it looks more or less like an apek's style shop until one of my dear friend introduced it to me... my first visit was back in September (I think...can't remember..for dinner with family) but since I was too busy with the kiddoz... I don't have much time to really taste the food... so, during my second visit 'all-alone'...I finally ready for the review :-)

No doubt, a good effort for a Malay to do such a nice Kopitiam... especially at the right place, near housing and manufacturing areas where people consistently looking around for a place to have their brekkie, lunch and dinner... Cawan opens from 7.30am till nite (not sure what time..). Tell you what... the customers constantly in and out of the shop. Ouh... I was there during lunch hour and it was almost full with customers (I can see from Kaw. Perindustrian Senai Panasonic, etc...).. surely they are having a real good business. Anyway, Cawan has branches in other areas using the name of Mak Tok; one in Bandar Putra (near my house) and another one in Setia Tropika (near KDN). Not sure if they have more than that...

Counter - all workers were busy during lunch time
This time round, I had a glass of Air Sirap Bandung Soda and Seafood Udon Noodle. I was a big fan of Udon..thanks to Cititel MidValley that served a supernice Blackpepper Udon to me many years before..huhu... actually I already tried Cawan's Blackpepper Udon on my first visit but frankly - it wasn't that nice as expected. That's why I twisted a bit and tried the seafood's one...see how...

Sirap Bandung Soda sampai dulu :) Memang sangat sedap... just nice for my taste buds... because it contains the right amount of syrup, milk, sugar, soda and ice... I have to say it perfect for me..because I x suke manis2 melampaui batas nie...

Tadaaaa.. after 5-10 minutes wait, my Seafood Fried Udon arrived! I can tolerate the time since the shop was 3/4 full! Yummeh kan...served on Ikea-made shining white plate with clean presentation... :) Definitely x dapat tewaskan presentation KFCH International College lar...

Taste-wise... err.. err.. err.. unfortunately, it didn't reach my expectation :( Well, my expectation is not that sky high but their Fried Udon is a biasa-biasa only...mcm mee goreng kt kedai2 biasa2 tu jek... which is not worth the price of RM6.50. Too bad, kan? Some more, by carrying the name of SEAFOOD FRIED UDON... I was expecting like 2-3 pieces of medium sized prawn, squid, fish fillet cut into cubes or at least fishcake, fshball and crabstick... but awww... what I got was one small prawn, one squid...itu je kot... huhuhu :( seafood kah..??

Well, overall ratings - I can give 2.5 /5 je la kot.. after 2 visits. Nak kata tak sedap tu tidaklah... ok jek..some more di tanggung Halal kan.. but it well below my to the price...nak kata takkan dtg lagi tu tidakla..but maybe sometimes.. kadang2.. I hope they can improve.. because business-wise.. they have a lot of potential... improve their recipe.. serves more selection and make sure they have a good customer service. Wish you luck guys... me looking forward for a better Cawan Kopitiam in the near future!

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