Friday, November 25, 2011


Ever heard about Tutti Frutti? I think TF is already common in Klang Valley area, but for us in JB... not so common la kot... I mean.. JB still boleh dikatakan common but not as common as Cool Blog.. got me? Being heard about the story of TF for so long..ada yg kata besh..ada yg kata so-so... I was waiting patiently for a branch to be opened near by where I can easily access. And tadaaaaa... in September 2011 (ye ker?), one new branch has officially launched in Setia Tropika. Yeay! I can easily go to the TF during lunch hour... but, heard also from my friends (and from bloghopping as well) that the price is kinda unreasonable. Really? That's for me to find out. My friend, Diana already advice ('warned') me... 'first time pergi, jgn amik banyak2 kang terkejut tgk harga'..wakakaka... keeping that in my head... I went for my first visit to TF Setia Tropika ;-)

I decided to try on one hot lunch hour..memandangkan tak kick makan benda2 frozen masa hujan... yeah, it's raining season now... maka bertemankan JFV298, I went for my TF mission :)

Sejuk mata memandang, aku keluar awal..sebelum org2 opis len keluar (my lunch hour starts at 12pm anyway).. so only 3-4 small group of people were there... this is because I already drove pass through TF Setia Tropika a few times after 12.30pm.. ramai juga org dlm x bestla kan... apatah lg time org dah gaji nie..huhu... TF nie kemas dan bersih jek..dan sejuk..sangat selesa utk chill-chill especially pada waktu tengahari yg panas membara ini...

Step by Step for Dummies...hehe...
Mengikut pembacaan dan pengalaman kwn2, there are wide variety of FroYo offered by TF. I am not sure how they scheduled the flavours, I guess maybe I will figure out with the staff during my next visit ;) There are 3 different sizes of the cups. I go for the smallest one (remember what Diana said...ngehehehehe...) Smallest2 pun for me it's quite big also.. Then I queued at the FroYo station... memilih2 what flavour yg terbaik untuk hari tu... I am not in the Frutti mode.. so, tak nak la Mango ke.. apa ker.. I saw Taro-ble something.. which is Keladi... Death By Chocolate (I am not so into chocolate ice cream or yogurt)... hhhmm... in total there are 6 different flavours yg aku sendirik x ingat the name except what I choosed for myself: Vanilla & Royal Red Velvet.... weeeeiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee....!!!!

Warna-warni ceria Tutti Fruitti Setia Tropika (semua TF ceria ok!)... that's FroYo dispenser
Aku sangattt tak berani nak tibai banyak2... satu sebab nasihat Diana... (wakakakaka)..another thing.. aku takut tak terabis nanti..dahla bwk motor.. mcmana nak tapau..kalau naik kereta tu boleh gak jadi driving partner aku... so cukuplah portion aku sebesar ini:

Nyum nyum nyum...!!! Royal Red Velvet di bawah... Vanilla di atas... for toppings, aku letak jelly2 sket and oreo... oreo is my all time favourite.. cannot be missed...!!! Aku rasa aku patut letak chocolate sauce tapi ada ke td kt kaunter? Tak perasan... hehehe... (take note for next visit, lady!)

Tak nampak Red Velvet yer.. haaa..nie clear sikit kot! I snapped using C3..not iPhone or DSLR..but trust me, better than Blackberry...ngehehe... 

Sedap... cooling... chilling... tapi, personal opinion aku - I prefer McDonalds McFlurry & McDonald Sundae... I think maybe because of the texture... sebab ini yogurt yg difrozenkan while McFlurry and Sundae adalah Ice Cream

Lupa nak share...what can we have for the topping - aku dapat via Google Image:

Macam2 ada.. choose what you like! Remember sugar and calorie control yer adik2... :D

Last but not least... My first visit costs me RM10.05 for 185g ... oke la tu kan... I will definitely be there again very soon... nak try flavour lain plak... :-)

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